Tis the Season…Christmas Gift Baskets for delivery in Puerto Rico!

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Christmas Baskets with wonderful seasonal foods.

“Tis the Season”, is almost here!  Selecting Christmas gift baskets can be sometimes a confusing task.  Today I am going to offer some advice on selecting the correct gift basket for your gift giving needs to Puerto Rico.

Corporate-Business Gift Baskets:  When sending a Corporate Gift Basket you need to bear in mind if the basket is for a group of persons or an individual. Do researches before you send the gift with a contact at that office.
Some details you may want to know before you send a gift basket to businesses in Puerto Rico are:

  • 1- Does the company accept gifts?
    Some corporations have a policy not to accept gifts. If this is the case, an alternative would be to send the gift basket to the designated employees residence.
  • 2- Will the company allow wine gifts?
    Investigate if wine gifts are allowed to be included in the gift basket to that particular office location.
  • 3- How many will be enjoying the gift?
    Always account for the amount of co-workers that will be sharing the basket.  One thing is to “Over due it” for an individual, it is worst when you send a basket that does not have enough for the group to share.
  • 4- Will the company/corporation close during the holidays?
    Many businesses in Puerto Rico close for the Holidays. It is wise to investigate their vacation Schedule before sending Corporate gift baskets for Christmas to Puerto Rico.
  • 5- What type of gift basket is appropriate for an office?
    The most appreciated Holiday Gift Baskets for groups are those that have a variety of products that can be enjoyed by everyone in the office.  [Remember  their may be Vegans please!]  So a nice basket can include:  cheese, crackers, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, gourmet dips,  bruschettas and spreads and traditional holiday candies.
    Other products that can be included are: antipastos, salmon, salami, pate’s, olives, tapenades and flatlbreads.
    And of course…if wine is allowed, a nice bottle of cabernet or merlot to pair with the cheeses and crackers, or a bottle of bubbly to toast to the holiday spirit! A mix of the suggested products is nice for everyone to share.

Individual Gift Baskets: Here are a few pointers If you are sending a gift basket this holiday to an individual or a family:

  • 1- Allergies:
    Always ask if the recipient is allergic to a product such as nuts, chocolate, or the infamous Yellow #5 included in almost every sweet on the market!
  • 2- Health Issues:
    Is the recipient Diabetic, Lactose Intolerant, Suffers Diverticulosis, etc…  You can still send a wonderful gourmet basket with sugarless products, lactose free products and so on.  When a health issue is the situation, it is best that you ask for a custom made basket and indicate whatever details regarding this issue.
  • 3- Children:
    Is the basket going to be shared by the entire family?  If so, don’t forget the kids!  A  combination basket with a nice selection of Holidays cookies and candy and cake along with the good stuff for the adults like wine, cheese and gourmet is a good choice.

Selecting the appropriate gift basket for Christmas gift giving can be gratifying when you follow the advice given above.  Avoid embarrassing moments by asking a few questions before sending your gift basket to Puerto Rico!

Happy Holidays and enjoy your Christmas Shopping!

Author:  Nanette Zambrana
Owner:  Mia Bella Baskets

View some of our Christmas Baskets on YouTube: http://youtu.be/BatYUd5w4AA


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