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Valentine Flowers Puerto Rico

February 14, 2018 is Valentine’s Day or in my calendar, “War of the Roses”…pun intended!

This is that one day of the year where the mind set is to give red roses, red roses, red roses. Think lavender, think white, think other variety of flowers too. Love does come in different colors, shapes and sizes…

Look for example at the arrangement shown here. A combination of Blue Bird Lavender Roses with Stargazer lilies. Is it romantic? Of course! More so than red in my opinion…

The media has done a great job to make us “believe” there is nothing more romantic than to give red roses, because they have linked the color red to the meaning of love and passion and Valentine’s Day. But is it really? [Red is also the color of blood and black is related to death. You get the picture…] It is the intent you put into giving flowers and not the color.

The media advertising red as the one true color for Valentine’s day is because the Flower Wholesalers sell red roses at $30.00 the bunch when the everyday wholesale price is $16.00. Can you now understand why the supposed romantic “red rose” is so important on Valentine’s Day and why it is that you pay so much for red roses on this specific day of the year?

So this year make the change in color. I am sure your loved one will agree…[and after reading this post you can understand why I call it “The War of the Roses” …]

Written by: Nanette
Florist and Gift Basket Designer since 1990
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Christmas Baskets Puerto Rico

Sending a Gift Basket to Puerto Rico during this Holiday Season 2017 is as easy as 1-2-3!  MiaBellaBaskets.com offers a beautiful selection of baskets for the holidays including and not limited to;  fine gourmet baskets, gourmet and sweets, gourmet and savory.
Your holiday greetings will be appreciated when you send a basket to your family, friends or corporate clients in Puerto Rico.

Best of all is our deliveries are guaranteed because we are local.  Rest assure your gift basket will arrive on the date you want it to arrive!  [same day deliveries are not  serviced]  We always recommend placing your order with at least 3 days in advance to the delivery date.

Christmas Gift Baskets to Puerto Rico

Christmas Gift Baskets to Puerto Rico by Mia Bella Baskets.com

Mothers Day Gifts to Puerto Rico

Mother’s Day 2017 is on Sunday May 14th.  Send a gift of Love to Mom in Puerto Rico. Celebrating Mother’s Day with a gift of flowers, a gift basket with cookies and tea, or a plant garden is posible with Mia Bella because we are located in Puerto Rico so you do not have the need to go through a third party service and end up in disappointment when Mom receives what you did not order or the gift does not add up to the value of what you paid for.
When shopping for a gift to send Mom no matter where she is, always search for a local florist or a local gift basket shop.  Go local!   Thank me later….


Go Local in Boston:

The Tea Basket shown at left is from CorporateGiftsBoston.com.  They serve the Boston area, although they also have shipping services to other states and countries.  You get exactly what you pay for without disappointments.  Plus Eve, [the owner], is a sweetie!


Go Local in Puerto Rico:
The gourmet basket with the burlap bow below is by MiaBellaBaskets.com. Serving the greater San Juan Metro areas in Puerto Rico. Offering great products and guaranteed deliveries.





Spring Flower Arrangements

Spring Equinox is on March 20, 2018…
…and with it we welcome the new beginnings and bursts of color and renewal of nature all around us! Celebrating Spring’s arrival we offer this colorful basket of fresh flowers that is fit to be given on any occasion – Easter, birthdays, anniversary, prompt recovery or just because you want to appreciate someone for their friendship and love.
The apricot color “Cuenca” rose really pops out between the  lavender daisies, yellow aster and purple alstroemeria flowers and draws your eyes towards it acting as a focal point.

The usual tendencies used in the colors of spring  lean towards the pastel tones but I like to “break” the standards and combine with bolder tones like the deeper purple of the alstroemeria and the brightness of the of the Cuenca rose instead of a light peach.

For more beautiful flower arrangements visit my website at www.miabellabaskets.com.
Happy Spring!!

When to give a Gift Basket?

Answer:  Any time is a good time to gift a basket!  Especially now that the HOLLY  JOLLY SEASON IS SOON APPROACHING!!

You do not necessarily need a special holiday to give a gift basket.  A gift basket can be made and customized  for family, friends or  co-workers just to express how much you appreciate them.

To impress with a gift basket is to prepare the basket with wonderful products, a flawless and elegant presentation with fine ribbons. Some products that can be included are Coffee, Tea & Cookies ,  Fine Gourmet Foods, Chocolates , Wine and Cheese,  Italian Products, Fruit and Gluten free products just to name a few.


A great gift basket design with the ultimate products will captivate the moment!  Call us today 787-608-0465.

Author: Nanette Zambrana
Owner Mia Bella Baskets & Flowers

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