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The importance of “Person to Person Sales Engagement” in Cyber World

The Holidays is just a few months away!  Our shop gets quite busy at this time of year plus  2015 has been one full of changes in the behavior of the way clients are purchasing online which got me to analyzing this behavior. Lets take a look of what is really going on “behind the curtains” in this day and age of the Cyber Shopping World.

Yes, my clients are still visiting my site. Yet the use of the online shopping cart has gone down.  I have noticed this year that more than 50% of my shoppers make the selection online then call me to place the order by phone.  We may live under the misconception that customers prefer placing orders via a shopping cart because they don’t have time, or because of convenience,  or just because we are in the  21st Century and its the way to go?   Wrong!  I have come to the following conclusions based on my customers shopping behavior during the past three quarters of this year’s sales:

–  They prefer speaking to a “real person” because there are always questions that need to be addressed and the customer cannot wait for an answer a day later by email and/or many dislike the “automated responder and the waiting”.

–  Many of my customers select the gift online, then call me to make a few custom changes to the order.  This is definitely something no automated system can handle.

–  They see a gift they really want but cannot pay the price, so they call to ask for price adjustments.  I do not mind adjusting the prices to their budget just because these days you cannot afford to lose a customer for a couple of dollars and you will rest assure that they will come back to shop with you!  Most importantly, always inform the customer of the changes you will be making to bring down the price of the gift. [Smaller box of chocolate, different container, etc.]

– A lot of people have expressed to me how they feel safer giving their payment information by phone instead of online.  And excuse me – don’t get me wrong here….it actually has NOTHING to do whether your site and cart is safe or not.  We are talking emotional traumas caused by credit card and identity theft that they have personally experienced. This is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, [PTSD].  PTSD can be caused by any type of situation that causes trauma.  It needs not be because of accidents or bombings, or wars and so forth.

So, with the aforementioned observations and experience,  I would strongly suggest to place in a really big bold font on your site to inform your prospective clients that a real live person is ready to assist!

I will always take the time to speak with my customers personally, and as a matter of fact I love to do so!!

Author: Nanette
Owner of Mia Bella Baskets