Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2016 is Valentine’s Day or in my calendar, “War of the Roses”…no pun intended!

This is that one day of the year where the mind set is to give red roses, red roses, red roses.  Think lavender, think white, think tulips and other variety of flowers too.  Love does come in different colors, shapes and sizes…

Look for example at the arrangement below.  A combination of Blue Bird Lavender Roses with Stargazer lilies.  Is it romantic?   Of course!  More so than red in my opinion…

The media has done a great job to make us “believe”  there is nothing more romantic than to give red roses, because they have linked the color red to the meaning of love and passion and Valentine’s Day.  But is it really?  [Red is also the color of blood and black is related to death. You get the picture…] It is the intent you put into giving flowers and not the color.

The media advertising red as the one true color for Valentine’s day is because the Flower Wholesalers sell red roses at $30.00 the bunch when the everyday wholesale price is $16.00.  Can you now understand why the supposed romantic “red rose”  is so important on Valentine’s Day and why it is that you pay so much for red roses on this specific day of the year?

So this year make the change in color.  I am sure your loved one will agree and your pocket too.  [and after reading this post you can understand why I call it “The War of the Roses” …]

Author:  Nanette Zambrana
Owner Mia Bella Baskets & Flowers